You’re Not Dreaming The Browns Are Actually In Playoff Contention

I think i pretty much speak for the entirety of Cleveland’s population when I say that Baker Mayfield has the right to come into your house if you’re a resident and nail your wife after practice, and there’s nothing you can do to stop him.

I know that the defense is the real reason the Browns clawed their way to a victory last night, however it is Mayfield that gave the team the spark it needed to compete again. A lot of things need to happen for the Browns to end up making it to the playoffs, however it is possible, which is something no other browns team in the last 15 years can really say. I never thought I would say that I am excited to watch the Browns play, but I am, their defense is incredible, and watching Baker Mayfield connect to weapons like Chubb, Landry, and Njoku is amazing. I would leave to see the cliche Cinderella story happen here and watch the Browns first playoff game in 900 years

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