Week 15 6 Point Teaser

Do you like free money? I know I do. Bet this teaser before it’s too late you fools.

Alright 2 out of my 4 bets in this teaser are happening tonight for the Chargers vs the Chiefs in what’s going to be an insane game, due to the fact that both teams running back situations are more screwed up than a 8 year who walked in on their mom fucking their mailman. This means that there is going to be about 40 passes from each QB, I’m thinking a very high scoring game with KC sneaking out with the W. So I’m taking the Chiefs at +2.5 and the over at 48.5. This is going to be a wild game, so I will also be doing a shot per TD thrown by Mahomes, and every touchdown received by Keenan Allen(fantasy playoffs this week boi). The next two bets I took in the teaser are the Texans, at -.5 against the Jets….. you read that right, the JETS. It’s a no brainer with how on fire the Texans have been, and seeing as the Jets are barely capable of in the NFL, it will be a bloodbath. The last bet in the teaser is the Bears in a PK (aka 0 for those who aren’t gambling addicts) against the Packers. The Bears defense is just downright monstrous, its unlike anything that we’ve seen in a long time. The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter how good Rodgers is, the Packers receiving corps is very subpar, and they’re going against the best secondary in the NFL. This should easily cover, SO MAKE THE FUCKING BET.

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