The Raptors Can’t Be Stopped

7-1 is the magic number here. That’s the Raptors’ record without Kawhi Leonard. He’s their best player; and even without him, the Raptors find a way to slaughter their opponents and throw them in the wood chipper. They get away with murder more often than the Clinton Foundation. They’re 23-7 now, so that means they’re 16-6 with Kawhi. That just shows how insane their depth is. Serge Ibaka is playing like his glory days in OKC and Paskal Siakam is growing at a crazy rate. This team’s defense is tenacious and looking to neuter any offense they face. Steph Curry shoot 3-12 in the contest and 2-8 from 3 point range. A 20 point Warriors loss at home against an Eastern Conference team is about as rare it can get, and yet we witnessed it last night. The Raptors don’t have 5 perennial all-star caliber players in their starting 5 like the Warriors eventually will, but they are easily the scariest team in the league. Their bench rules, their defense gets them huge leads, they have multiple scoring options from everywhere on the floor, and they just straight up dominate most of the teams they face. Take out a shocking OT loss to the Nets and they’re 24-6. I could easily see them winning 60+ games and being the top dog in either conference. It’s going to be hard to dethrone the Warriors, but the season series was swept by Toronto and they could ultimately beat them in a 7-game series to take the Dub out of Dub City.

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