Forgive The Blog Right Before This One As It Is Utter Trash

I dont care if its satire, or sports related sarcasm, you dont joke about shit that still haunts my nightmares. Fuck the Eagles.

As a Patriots fan, and a human with morality of the highest caliber, let me apologize for the filth that was posted by one of my bloggers. Do I know he really didnt mean it? Did I read the second half of the post stating how unlikely even a playoff appearance is? You bet I did, but the raw thought of the Eagles winning again angers me like a hooker that just got cheated out of 20 dollars and a bag of meth. Once we are actually profitable, and I begin paying him, you bet your sweet ass there will be some payroll deductions. It is the opinion of every member of Degenerate Sports (aka like 3 people) that the Patriots will drag their meaty clackers across the leagues face this year and win the Lombardi. Please, if you are angry at the post about the Eagles, please write hate mail to degenhunna, the other half of degenerate sports.

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