Carson Wentz’s Back Hurts, Eagles Super Bowl Champions Confirmed

Oh no, not again. Big Dick Nick is getting yet another chance at overcoming incredible odds and winning the Super Bowl for the second year in a row. Carson Wentz got picked 2nd overall to suck, get hurt, and watch from the sidelines as he stacks up rings that he never earned. If you’re an Eagles fan you’re most likely already getting Super Bowl LIII Champions tattoos. If the Eagles can actually make the playoffs I have no doubt in my mind that Nick Foles will somehow beat every team he faces and once again prove that if you’re a mediocre quarterback in the NFC East, you can win 2 championships (what’s up Eli).

On a real note, this is highly unlikely because the Eagles kinda suck this year. I mean come on, defending champs usually have a tough time but they should’ve at least been able to play at a higher level than this. They’ve lost to some alright teams and lost to the Cowboys twice, so their chances are slim to none (Panthers also own a tiebreaker over Philly). If they can win out and get a 9-7 record, it’s possible to grab a spot. But this year isn’t the year. Maybe try next year when Carson Wentz’s ear falls off in week 3 and Foles takes over.

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