No, Tua Shouldn’t Have Won The Heisman

Lets be real, Dwayne Haskins was never going to win the Heisman. It was always a competition in my mind between front runners Tua Tagablahblah or the much easier to pronounce name Kyler Murray. From the ease of saying the name alone, Kyler Murray was already a few votes ahead of Tua.

Im not saying Tua wasn’t a critical asset and player on Alabama this season, because if you say that you’re an insane person. Tua played unreal football this year, but he didn’t play better football than Kyler Murray.  Lets look at this from a statistical standpoint

Kyler Vs Tua

Tua is only better than Kyler in 2 categories: He has fewer interceptions, and a better TD/INT rate. There are people out there that will say “Well, Kyler threw the ball more!” or “Kyler rushed WAY more than Tua!” and that’s exactly my point, the Heisman should go the the most valuable player, most valuable asset, and Kyler Murray showing he had to do so much on his own, is the reason why he got it. Maybe if Alabama’s backs didn’t have 2600 yards and 31 touchdowns between them, it would be a different story for Tua, but the inarguable fact is that Kyler Murray did more for Oklahoma than Tua did for Bama. Even when you look at the Sooners single  loss this year, it was a nail biter, and Tua didn’t even win Bamas biggest game of the year, their back up did. All 3 finalists are seriously impressive, and are going to have insanely good careers, but when you look at the fact that Kyler Murray is such a dominant athlete that he has 2 career options, the MLB or the NFL, congrats to Murray for the well deserved Trophy.  (And just as a follow up, I am a BIG Dwayne Haskins fan, and think he has played unreal for OSU, but he was never going to beat Kyler or Tua.)

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