Adam Ottavino is Stupid

“Hey I’m Adam Ottavino, I’m an ignorant sack of dicks, and I could strike out Babe Ruth every time.” Bitch please. The words coming out of your mouth are more toxic than mine after a night of binge drinking and Taco Bell. If Babe Ruth we’re still alive today I don’t think you could strike him out. And I’m talking about a guy who’d be 128 years old. I’m kidding, that’s unrealistic, but come on buddy. Granted, Ottavino has a nasty slider and is as reliable as a reliever can get. But to disrespect arguably the greatest player to ever play baseball like that is just idiotic. You can’t talk shit about one of the pioneers of the great game that you play today. That would be like Joel Embiid saying he could block Wilt Chamberlain every time he took a shot. Maybe you could, maybe you couldn’t, no one would really know because they will never be on the court together. But you don’t just try to shit on someone’s legacy, especially if they’re an all-time great. If Babe Ruth were in his prime and Ottavino threw that dirty slider, I’m sure that he’d take it in the dirt and pound his fastball into space. Babe played baseball before the live ball era, so he’s seen some shit. If you don’t know what the live ball era is, then please do yourself a favor and bite me. In conclusion, don’t talk shit if you can’t back it up. It’s a dirty practice and should not be condoned under any circumstance.

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