The Patriots Could Very Well Lose in Miami

As much as I would hate to see the Pats lose to the Phins in their house, it’s a definite possibility. Brady’s squads have gone 7-9 in Miami and the Dolphins are 5-1 at home this season. They have a good enough secondary to contain Josh Gordon and Gronk, and they could menace Brady’s favorite part of his offensive scheme: route-running tailbacks. James White is an enormous part of the offense, especially in the passing game. He leads the team in receiving yards with 659 as well as 6 touchdowns. If the Dolphins’ sneaky defense can contain that aspect of the Patriots’ game plan, it could be a low scoring affair. I really can’t see the Dolphins offense doing much against a Pats defense that has slowly but surely reinvented themselves. Their secondary has been playing awesome lately and J.C Jackson is playing some Malcolm Butler-esque football. I drafted rookie who is playing like a star? We’ll take that every year. Harmon and Jones had some clutch interceptions and helped hold an impressive Vikings offense to only 10 points. Adam Thielen was decimated and was held under 100 yards for the first time in a while. If the Pats defense keeps playing like last week, they’re a super bowl squad. If they beat the Dolphins, they clinch the AFC East for 10 years in a row. Don’t lock them in as a win though. Before you place your bets, consider all of these factors. Unless you’re a Boston fan; if you root for the greatest sports city in the world and don’t put your money on the Pats (if you’re a gambler) then you’re a fucking numbnuts. Put your money on the boys every damn time. Let’s fuck up the Dolphins.

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