NBA Refs Are Way Too Soft

So you’re telling me that Rudy Gobert gets ejected for slapping a water bottle? Jesus H. Christ. I’m surprised NBA rating haven’t plummeted in recent years. Like are you just yanking my balls or can you really get ejected for showing your frustration at bullshit calls? Let’s rewind a tad bit. Rudy Gobert is down low, minding his business, and he gets tied up with James Harden. Harden flops, Gobert gets called with a foul. Gobert shits a brick, gets pissed at a stupid call, and takes out his frustration by sucker punching a poor innocent water bottle into oblivion. Thus he gets ejected. FOR WHAT?!? Is it a fucking flagrant 2 foul? No, it’s a God damn inanimate object. These refs have been getting softer and softer every year. It’s like the NBA rule book was written on a rule of Charmin toilet paper, cause not only is is wicked soft but it is full of shit. They also favor the NBA’s stars and let them get to the foul line even if a dust particle lightly brushes on their shoulder. The NBA is becoming a more pussified environment than a kindergarten playground. It is sickening that people can’t even touch each other anymore. It’s becoming less fun to watch and it’s all because of an ever-changing sports world that is focusing more on safety and less on entertainment. Let the players smack each other on the way to the rim and rocket launch any fucking water bottles they want to.

3 thoughts on “NBA Refs Are Way Too Soft

  1. I really disagree. Kinda hard to take grown men seriously who get paid an obscene amount regardless of a mediocre performance and then disrespect calls like that. Have some humility. It’s like watching a child having a tantrum, you’re not going to agree with every decision of every ref so learn to accept that.


    • Your opinion is respected. I just think sports are better when players are allowed to play the game. Did Gobert overreact and look like a child? Yea, but he could’ve at least gotten a tech not an ejection. No ones gonna change the refs and players have to adjust, I just feel like the refs are getting increasingly soft in every sport


      • But don’t you think he’d be more likely to do it again if he got off that light? The whole point of making him an example is to prevent him and other players from repeating the behavior and embarrassing the team again


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