Armys Jerseys For The Navy Game Are Lit

Okay, these Jerseys are fucking dope. Like where the hell can I buy one of these?

As an active member of the Army National Guard, there’s so much hype to this game when you’re in the military, even more so for the active duty guys who get to talk shit the next day at work on joint bases or on deployment. You’ve got to understand, there’s always been as seriously rivalry with this game and always will be, especially from a military standpoint. The jerseys are in honor of the one of the most bad ass military units to have ever existed, the first infantry. If it were up to me, game would already be won by Army, seeing as these jerseys are so fire Navys going to burn alive upon entering the stadium. This games going to be fucking dope,and like always I’ll have 102 dollars on army for this game, in honor of the unit I serve in. GO ARMY BEAT NAVY

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