See Ya Later Urban

The Urban Meyer era is over at Ohio State University after this season. As an avid OSU shit talker, this makes me giddy. Never has a team annoyed me as much as the Buckeyes, and I’m a Boston fan. That means they annoy me more than the Yankees, Jets, Lakers, and Canadiens. I hate those 4 more than OSU cause I’m not THAT big of a college football fan, but man I just really can’t stand OSU. It’s like when you’re just casually strolling down the street and you see someone who is kind of ugly but seems innocent but you’re just like “holy fuck I hate you, go die in a pit.” It’s that kind of thing. We just hate people, ideas, and entities with no justification. We just do because of who we are. And the cherry on top is Meyer is in the middle of a controversy that tainted the school’s image. Meyer allegedly helped cover up domestic violence committed by AD Gene Smith. Meyer will retire not in style but in a pit of controversy and disappointment as they fell short of the playoffs. He’ll spend the rest of his life crying at the TV while watching Saban still win ships.

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