True Life: I Am Addicted To Teasers

I cant make it through a Sunday without placing a teaser, and this is by far the most bold one yet.

Should I seek some kind of Gamblers anonymous meeting? Absolutely fucking not. Those meetings are for people that dont win. And I am a winner, and I actually love this teaser. Arizona +20 VS the Packers who really havent been that great as of late. Rams -4 VS any single team besides the Saints is an easy bet, doesn’t matter who they’re playing. Bengals +10.5 VS the Broncos should be a pretty easy cover as well with AJ Green back on the field. Bears +1.5 VS the Giants, doesn’t even need explanation. Browns +12 against the Texans is a good bet too, the Browns are sneaky right now, expect at least a close game. Finally, the Ravens +8 VS the Falcons, Lamar Jackson and Gus Edward’s will make short work of a struggling Falcons defense.

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