The Jaguars are the Most Boring Football Team Ever

In baseball, a 6-0 ballgame is fun to watch because it shows a team’s dominance in both offense and defense. In football, people expect a lot of offense and still like to see their team be able to stop another’s attack. But a 6-0 score in football is about the equivalent of watching a silent movie about a tree waving in the wind for 3 and a half hours. The Jaguars talk a lot of shit for being a mediocre, straight up boring team to watch. Cody Kessler threw for 150 yards and their offense totaled 229 yards. They don’t even start a guy they drafted third overall anymore. Their running game is legitimate trash without Fournette, who at least unleashes his roid rage on his opponents rather than drunk chicks in their hotel room (cough cough Kareem). And even Fournette has been boring as shit. At least TJ Yeldon was somewhat entertaining to watch earlier this season. And Carlos Hyde is still sucking it up after a meek 36 yard performance. Their defense shut out the Colts and was absolutely dominant, but people want to see points. They don’t give two shits about a 6-0 game and the Jaguars are susceptible to these sorts of games because they stink. Last season was for sure a fluke because every other year, including this one, they’ve been the laughingstock of their division and most of the league. And even then, they had the electrifying Maurice Jones-Drew in their backfield. This Jaguars team is drop-dead insufferable to watch and I wonder why Jacksonville even deserves a sports franchise. P-Fucking-U.

P.S. Jaylen Ramsey, you are a prime example of someone who talks mad shit and looks like a complete and utter fool. Keep on talking, you’ll keep on losing and eating your own shitty words.

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