CFP Field is Set

1. Alabama

2. Clemson

3. Notre Dame

4. Oklahoma

I knew from the beginning that the piece of shit Buckeyes wouldn’t make the playoffs. Why the hell would OSU get a spot to play Bama if they could have Kyler Murray face off against them instead? The first three teams were pretty obvious, and it was gonna be a toss-up between OU, OSU, and MU for the final spot. Michigan blew it and lost a tough game to OSU, essentially eliminating them from contention. I guess the Selection Committee hates the Big Ten as much as I do because they basically told the Buckeyes to go fuck themselves and try again next year. It’s always nice to see the Big Ten fail to grab a spot in the playoffs because they’re a trash conference and smell like doodoo. Having a rep from the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 is cool because there’s a lot of diversity in their styles of play and all of the games will be entertaining. Notre Dame is independent because they’re a bunch of Catholic weirdos but I guess they are good enough at football to have a chance at Clemson. I think the Tigers will curb stomp them but who knows, there’s been upsets before. College football is tough to predict because anything can go wrong and all the teams have at least one talented game changer. Exhibit A, Tua left the SEC champ game on a stretcher but Alabama has enough offensive weapons to succeed regardless of adversity and pulled off a win against the all-time big game choke artists Georgia Dawgs. I’m excited about these matchups and hopefully they provide much entertainment and quality football. I will reiterate that the Big Ten is worthless and they should just stop trying to be good at sports.

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