Where Do the Chiefs Stand Now?

Kareem Hunt is gone, who was the source of 14 total touchdowns this season. Spencer Ware is in line to be the starter, and he took over the same role once when Jamaal Charles tore his ACL a while back. The offense still has Mahomes, Hill, Kelce, Watkins, and Conley. But Hunt decided to be a shitbag and not only jeopardize his career, but his entire team’s chance at a Super Bowl. Granted, this happened almost a year ago and was covered up. But where do the Chiefs stand in the AFC? Will they still be the same offensive force, or will they nosedive and lose in the playoffs? Only time can really tell, but Hunt was arguably the second biggest cog in the machine next to Mahomes. Kelce and the wideouts will definitely see an increase in opportunity. The defense has been playing better than the start of the season but are still liable to giving up big time points. If Spencer Ware can put up Hunt-esque numbers, then they’re still top dog in the AFC. But if the running game is not there, the Chiefs are going to have a tough time in the postseason and potentially against their own division for the remainder of the season.

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