Saints VS Cowboys Part 2: I Was Very Wrong

Well, Fuck. Did I lose money last night? Yes, yes I did. Quite a lot of it actually. There is one thing that’s great that came from last nights atrocity of a game though if you’re anything other than a Saints fan, and its this: they can be beat.

The Saints were looking unbeatable going into this game, it was one of those classic David VS Golitah situations, the Saints are literally the million plus persion army, and the Cowboys were the 300 dudes on a mountain pass, they were supposed to make a good stand, but ultimately lose in the end. This was just nuts, like there’s so many questions to ask, did the Saints offense become ineffective overnight? Is the Cowboys defense really really good? I dont have the answers. All I can tell you good American people is that the Cowboys had no business winning this game. It was a tough one to lose on, seeing as it was very close to a sure thing, however this doesn’t change anything for me, the Cowboys still aren’t a top 10 team, and the Saints are still the best team in the NFL. I’m going to chalk this one up to a fluke, and probably keep betting on the Saints in week 14. Congratulations Cowboys fans, enjoy it while it lasts.

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