Kareem Hunt Has Officially Been Placed On The Comissioners Exempt List

Good. The NFL has actually taken steps against the widespread problem the NFL has been facing for some time (however appallingly late). Kareem Hunt, good football player, but a serious bitch boy apparently.

The Exempt List is a special player status available to clubs only in unusual circumstances. The List includes those players who have been declared by the Commissioner to be temporarily exempt from counting within the Active List limit. Only the Commissioner has the authority to place a player on the Exempt List; clubs have no such authority, and no exemption, regardless of circumstances, is automatic. The Commissioner also has the authority to determine in advance whether a player’s time on the Exempt List will be finite or will continue until the Commissioner deems the exemption should be lifted and the player returned to the Active List.

That’s the definition for those that didn’t know. And for now it’s a good step. The Exempt list is essentially paid leave as players are still eligible for their salaries, but are unable to do any function of their jobs. The exempt list is something that is very helpful while an investigation is ongoing into the situation, as the we do live in an innocent until proven guilty society. The main issue here, is the the Chiefs knew about this, and so did the NFL, and it happened back in February. That’s a fucking problem if you ask me, because it seems like the NFLs practicing their old ways, and the Chiefs are taking a page right out of OSUs book and sweeping stuff under the rug. Winning football games is important, but it’s not as important as protecting a Woman beater.

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