Melvin Gordon Having A MCL Sprain Is The Opposite Of What The Chargers Need

Well, congratulations. Yes, you smoked Arizona (which isnt exactly a feat of great accomplishment, they just lost to the raiders after all) however, when you lose a player that makes your ground game excellent, it wasn’t worth it, especially not this close to playoffs.Melvin Gordon has always been a phenom,  and was on his way to his best season to date, prior to this MCL injury, which hopefully is a quick turn around. Melvin Gordon has 802 rush yards to date, as well as 448 receiving yards, showing hes an extremely effective back regardless, however is far more danger on the ground. Austin Ekeler is now clearly the number one back on the team while Melvin Gordon is out, with some additional responsibilities for Justin Jackson, consider picking him up if you’re in a deep fantasy league, could end up being a decent flex. The issue is this, no one knows how long Gordon is going to be out, and it is possible that it affects the Chargers playoffs performance if the injury lasts that long. Also, the skill level will be missed, Austin Ekeler is a decent replacement for Gordon, however he just isn’t nearly as efficient when it comes to the ground game, and the chargers are going to have some serious issues replicating what Melvin Gordon was capable of, although Austin Ekeler has proven himself to be a back that’s very effective at catching passes. Hopefully, Melvin Gordon’s injury doesn’t affect the charges playoff performance, or position.


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