Phillip Rivers Is Very Underrated

25 – 25 in the third quarter. Raw perfection. The dude is just sending it, full on. He has now tied the all time consecutive completion record that is somehow held by Ryan Tannehill? Anyways, Tannehill had his over two games, so its basically bullshit just like the Miami Dolphins.For some reason, we never look at Rivers as an elite QB, just because he hasn’t been to a Superbowl, I don’t think that’s a fair way to judge him though. I mean, the dudes just talented, hes always consistently good every single year, and Its all in the air, hes the furthest thing from a rushing QB, seeing as he has negative 4 rushing yards this year. Phillip Rivers needs to start getting the respect he deserves, because the dude is seriously talented. However, he just lost out on taking the record for himself, and will forever share it with the likes of Ryan Tannehill which is like pairing together a French wine from 1950, with a Big Mac.

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