Cleveland Browns At Cincinnati Bengals

The Cleveland Browns are going to beat the Cincinnati Bengals. Now don’t take my word on it, because anytime I bet against the Bengals, it backfires, like I placed my bet so somehow AJ Green and the entire Bengals defense is going to be healed by Mr Miyagi in the locker room right before the game.But, in all seriousness, the Bengals are just too beat up to post a win here. Their defense is hurting more than a 13 year olds tube sock when he discovers the magic of masturbation. With all of the Bengals injuries, I just cant foresee them posting a win, especially missing AJ Green, since AJ Green has been out Andy Dalton’s average YPG has dropped by about 81 yards to 182 YPG from 263. That’s an insane drop to have, showing that AJ Greens godly talent is being sorely missed on the field. I just don’t see Tyler Boyd, John Ross, or Joe Mixon getting the job done against a healthy Browns defense. The Browns looked good last week against Atlanta, and I expect Baker Mayfield to exploit this hurting Bengals secondary like Bill Cosby did to extras on set in the 80s. It will be a close game, and I have the Browns in a parlay at +7.5, just in case Andy Dalton decides to do one of his magical last minute game winning drives. Browns win 27-24.

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