Michigan Just Got Outright Dominated By Ohio State

I love it. I love when you think “holy fuck they’ve always been the underdog, and now they’re favorited to win” and then reality hits, and Ohio puts their big meaty clackers on Michigans forehead.

Michigan fans were talking all forms of bullshit going into this game, and they just got stomped. I mean, besides our current coaching situation, its a great time to be an Ohio State fan. You bet your ass I dropped 250 on the Ohio Money line, and even though I was winning it, And seeing my team crush human souls, it was still embarrassing to watch. It’s sad that Michigan has only won 3 in the last 19. Like I feel that the only chance that Michigan has at winning is the whole team getting cancer, and collectively using their make a wish to beat Ohio State, and that might not even be enough to get the job done. Either way you look at it, 62-39 loss is no bueno, and Michigan just cant figure out how to get the win against Ohio. I’d feel bad for Michigan fans, but I don’t have to, because I’m an OSU fan.

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