Anthony Davis Could Leave NoLa

Apparently Anthony Davis is on board with being traded out of New Orleans to very specific destinations. These potential teams could greatly benefit from his arrival.

The Brow could be heading to LA to play with LeBron, which I think is absurd because LeBron should not be gifted with an MVP caliber player. He’s been pampered like a rich white girl his whole career and doesn’t deserve that much help. The Knicks could land Davis and he could be a massive piece of a NY rebuild. They’d probably have to give up Kevin Knox and some valuable draft picks, but it would definitely attract more star power to New York. He could be sent to Philly, which is also absurd because they’d pretty much be the Warriors of the East minus three point shooting ability. I still think Ben Simmons is way overrated and he’ll always be just a playmaker, never a great scorer. And my favorite, Davis could potentially land in Boston. I don’t give a flying fuckstick who they have to give up. MAKE IT HAPPEN DANNY. Send Brown, Rozier, Hayward, and a pick to New Orleans and give us Davis. He and Kyrie would shit on the competition and Horford would thrive at the 4 with Tatum and Morris on the wings. What a starting five that would be. I can picture it now. If I’m Danny Ainge and I hear that Anthony Davis wants to come to Boston, drop every fucking thing you’re doing and pick up the phone.

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