My Thanksgiving Day Teaser

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you’re already getting pretty fucked up, and getting ready to avoid your handsy uncle at dinner. But until dinner starts, I’ll let you guys in on the 3 bet 6 point teaser I did.

First bet I made was Detroit Lions at +9 (Please keep in mind this is a 6 point teaser, so all bets are shifted 6 points in my favor) I actually love the lions to flat out win this game, but since it’s in the Teaser I don’t have too. Chase Daniels seems to be the likely starter today for the Bears, and his career stats aren’t exactly inspiring. The Lions will struggle with the Bears defense, however I don’t think Chase Daniel’s will be able to get the job done against a Lions team coming fresh off of a win. 2nd bet of my 3 bet teaser is the over in the Redskins Cowboys game. The total is at 34.5 and I think they will be able to topple that given the fact that they’re rival teams, and the Cowboys offense has been turning their act around as of late, Colt McCoy will be leading the Redskins and should be able to pick apart the Dallas secondary if he’s able to replicate his in game performance from last week. Last bet in the parlay is the easiest one, Saints -7 VS the Falcons. The Falcons just haven’t been even remotely good this year, they’ve been struggling on offense and defense and stand no chance against the league’s best team this year, expect a massacre of the Atlanta Falcons tonight. Alright, time to get thoroughly fucked up and cry if my bets don’t cover. Happy Holiday’s!

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