Rams Vs Chiefs: Essentially A Televised Game Of Madden

54 – 51. Those are video game numbers. Those are the numbers you see in Madden when you start a game and set the defensive AI to easy mode. But as it turns out, last night’s game was real life, and it was one of the most incredible football games I have had the honor of watching. I had the Chiefs money line, and the over on this game, and let me tell you I have never been so proud to cover. The Chiefs played some of the best and most exciting offense I have ever seen for a team, when Mahomes falls back and begins to scramble as the pockets collapsing, yet somehow still manages to get a extremely accurate throw off, it’s such an amazing thing to watch. Speaking of Mahomes, he had an extremely good day. Mahomes completed 33 of 46 passes for 478 yards, dude almost toppled 500 yards! However, he did throw 3 picks as well as lose 2 fumbles, which shows that the Chiefs Offensive line has some work to do to further protect Mahomes, no one can escape 100% of pass rushes on their own. The Chiefs star Wide Receiver Tyreek Hill had an incredible game as well, the Cheetah had 215 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns, he absolutely balled out. Also, could you imagine being a corner or a safety and not knowing about Tyreek Hill? That would be the most hilarious thing to watch because the Corner would be thinking “This dudes 5’10 hes about to get squashed” then the dude blinks and Hill is in the end zone already doing his TD celebration, Tyreek Hill can run so damn fast that even if a corner was giving him problems, he would just ran back in time like something out of a comic book, punch the dudes mom in the stomach, and ensure he was never born. The Rams had an incredible day as well, even without the talents of Kupp on the field, due to his season ending ACL injury. Jared Goff played a phenomenal game of football, he completed 31 of 49 passes for 413 yards, with no interceptions, and 2 lost fumbles. This was honestly such an exhilarating game, I am sitting here at work pounding energy drinks, contemplating taking an Adderall to get me through this 12 hour day, like some strung out state school kid on a study/drinking binge. After watching this game I have 3 big takeaways, the first being that the Chiefs defense were their biggest enemy in this game, they couldn’t stop committing penalties, which cost them some serious yardage and a lot of costly first downs, however the defense was also able to force 2 fumbles which they recovered, and were also effective at keeping Todd Gurley to a relatively quiet game considering his talent, the Chiefs defense needs some major tweaks if they want go after the Lombardi this year. The second major takeaway being that Mahomes is the better QB, but only by a little. The reasoning behind this, is that although Mahomes threw 3 picks, If the Chiefs defense wasn’t statistically one of the worst in the league, they would have had some on Goff too, The talent level is close, and both are incredible young QB’s who have the potential to go down as some of the greatest of all time, but I would rank Mahomes a bit higher. My third takeaway is that if this ends up being the Superbowl match-up this year, I might break into the piggy bank to go see it. This was such an incredible game to watch, and if they end up having a rematch on footballs biggest stage, its going to be historic. However, The Rams are going to have to find a way to deal with the Saints in order to get there, while the Chiefs are the clear top contender in the AFC.

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