My Top 5 Most Surprising NBA Squads So Far

The NBA is has been full of surprises so far. Some teams have been shitting the bed worse than Chipotle customers and some teams are exceeding expectations. The 5 teams I’m gonna list below are the ones that caught my eye and performed better than expected. There’s also one team that has been shitty besides great expectations.

5. Milwaukee Bucks – Milwaukee was expected to be a solid team in the East behind the Greek Freak, but who expected a start this great from them? Their 11-4 record is currently 2nd best in the NBA, right behind the Raptors. Giannis is a straight beast and has gotten some great help from Middleton, Bledsoe, Lopez, and the rest of his supporters. Milwaukee could have an MVP and an Eastern Conference title this season if they keep on fuckin shit up.

4. Los Angeles Clippers – Lob City is no longer the Clippers’ identity. The Clippers are playing an exciting brand of basketball led by Tobias Harris. He’s an underrated star averaging nearly 21 points and 9 rebounds if you round up. Lob City was a shitshow full of ego and never resulted in playoff success. They’re young and exciting and are currently the better team in LA (sorry LeBron, you bald loser).

3. Charlotte Hornets – I would suck off Kemba Walker right now if I could. No homo. Kemba just lit up the 76ers for 60 points only to be sunk by a Jimmy Butler stepback 3 to win the game. I expected the Hornets to be the average Charlotte team no one cares about, but they’re making money moves. Kemba has emerged as a top scorer in the East and potentially a top 5 point guard in the whole league. He could lead his 7-8 squad to a low-tier playoff seed if he keeps it up and guys like Miles Bridges, Nick Batum, and Jeremy Lamb can supplement him.

2. Memphis Grizzlies – I predicted they’d be a surprise from the very beginning but I didn’t expect a 10-5 start in their first 15 games. Marc Gasol and Mike Conley are ballin like the good old days and their rookie defensive star Jaren Jackson Jr. has helped make Memphis a very tough team to score against. They sit right behind a 12-6 Golden State team at a half game back and can be a top Western team if they don’t eat shit halfway through the year.

1. Portland Trailblazers – My goodness they have great. Dame and CJ are a top backcourt in the NBA and Jusuf Nurkic is a literal bully in the paint. An 11-5 record thus far is tops in the West and could be a menace if the Warriors can’t play well without Steph and their chemistry isn’t restored. I honestly didn’t think Portland would be better than a 4 or 5 seed, but they could potentially be the West’s powerhouse that dethrones Golden State.

My shitty team that hasn’t performed to their expectation at all is obviously the Houston Rockets. I’m a tough critic on the Celtics since they’re my team, but the next stretch they play could be crucial in getting them back to the top of the East. The Rockets grabbed Carmelo Anthony and were supposed to be great once again but they have played like trash so far and I’m not feeling it. Carmelo looked like a literal bum with them and I just can’t root for them. The way a lot of Western teams have been playing right now doesn’t help their case one bit and I hope they fail because they’ve been nothing but an absolute letdown.

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