My 5 Favorite Week 11 Matchups

How the fuck is it already week 11? Season goes by WAY too fast, like the time I lost my virginity. Anyways, best game of the week is a no-brainer. The 9-1 Rams VS the 9-1 Chiefs, a football game that was definitely not moved from Mexico because of field conditions, but because the NFL wanted to make some serious fucking money off of it, which they can make way more of in LA. This is going to be an amazing game for both teams, however I am going to go with the Chiefs for the win, they have a healthy roster right now and the Rams will be playing without Kupp who had a Season ending injury when he tore his ACL. The key to a Chiefs victory is the defense finding a way to stop Gurley. I’m taking the Chiefs money line, and of course because I’m a garbage person who shouldn’t be allowed to vote or bet, I am betting the game total over at 63. “What an absurd over” “that is such a stupid bet”, “You’ve got a tiny micro dick” that is what some people will say, well some people are scared of greatness and those people can suck a dolphin dick. Next game I love is the Vikings VS the Bears, the Bears have been on fire recently, Mitch Trubisky has been unstoppable as of late. I love this game with the Bears at a -2.5 favorite, against a injury ridden Vikings team (the offense and the defense is all sorts of fucked up). Third game I will be dropping some bucks on is the Eagles VS the Saints, and you might want to be sitting down when I tell you the spread, someone in Vegas had the audacity to only give the Saints a 3 point favorite. Are you out of your fucking mind? Does a toddler control the spread in Vegas? The 8-1 Saints, are only a 3 point favorite over the dumpster fire 4-5 Eagles? Sure Vegas, if you want to give me some free money be my guest. Fourth game I love is the Steelers VS the Jaguars, with the Steelers having a -3.5 spread, you would be hard pressed not to bet this, bottom line the Jaguars defense isn’t as scary as it used to be, they’ve been giving up deep score after deep score, and with a extremely talented James Conner behind a sterling offensive line, the Jaguars wont even know what hit them. Last game of this week that I think is a lock, is Bengals VS the Ravens. The Bengals are one of those sneaky good teams, no one ever talks about them in the power rankings but they have some serious ability to put up points, and they’re playing against a rookie with his first start. Expect Joe Mixon and John Ross to have breakaway games and chip away at a sterling Ravens defense. It will be a tough fought win without AJ Green however, I’m placing my money on the spread for the Bengals which is currently sitting at +6.5. Alright guys if you want to win some free money, just place some money where I did, or in all fairness don’t. High probability I lose big this week. Will throw up a brag blog later if my bets cover.

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