I’m Glad KD Didn’t Come to the Celtics

It’s summer 16, and I’m on a flight from Minneapolis to Boston after a trip to see some baseball. The pilot announces to the cabin that we are going to land shortly in what could be the future home of NBA superstar Kevin Durant. The entire plane applauds and for a moment, I believe that my favorite basketball player will be wearing my favorite team’s threads the next morning. Then I wake up and see that he’s signed with Golden State and I’m devastated. How could he choose the Warriors, a team that just crushed him in the playoffs, over a team where he’d literally be looked at as a legend by the fans. It’s an era of one dominant NBA super power and that’s just how it is, he was never gonna be tempted by Tom Brady, 17 Finals banners, all of the Celtics legends. But now, I’m glad he didn’t come. If KD came, there’d be no need to trade for Kyrie, or draft Tatum, or have to actually grind and play with a sense of heart to win games. We’d just have KD’s ego meshed with Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford and maybe a few other pieces. Plus KD can’t even make a good impression on his current teammates; Draymond called him a bitch and told him to leave, and KD probably doesn’t care that the chemistry is fucked. The Celtics are 10 times better now than they would have been with Durant and I’m hoping that the Celtics can make it to the Finals and show KD what it could’ve been like to play in Beantown.

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