My NFL Top 4 Power Rankings

Okay so number one isn’t exactly a fucking surprise, it’s the Saints. They’re the team to beat whether you’re in The NFC or AFC. Their ability to make big plays by land or sea is incredible, doesn’t matter where the hole is in your defense, they’re going to find it and exploit the hell out of it. Keep an eye out for Veteran Brandon Marshall, if they find a way to incorporate him into their offense efficiently it will just add to their big play opportunities. Next up is the Chiefs, the fact of the matter is, they’re flat out dangerous on offense, and their defense seems to be turning itself around a little bit, when you have a guy with an incredible IQ like Mahomes slinging the ball, you’re already in trouble, but when you add the fact that he has Kareem Hunt, Tyreek Hill, AND Travis Kelce as targets, the team is a a bulldozer with a brick on the gas pedal. Coming in at number 3 I have to go with the Bears. They started the season on the slow side, the defense has always had it together, and now the offense is looking unstoppable. The bears have a very good chance of winning out the rest of their season and making a play for the superbowl. Coming in at number 4 is the Rams. The Rams are great, and you might see them higher on some other people’s lists, but with Kupp now out for the season, they’re a one trick pony to me, and that trick is : get the ball to Gurley. Gurley is going to go down as one of the best backs to ever step on the field, and I cant take that from him, but when its essentially your single most used threat on offense, opposing head coaches and defensive coordinators are going to catch on, and they will find a way to stop him. They’ve got to find a way to diversify their offense a bit further if they want a shot at the Superbowl this year. I hate that I cant put the Patriots on this list, still love them, but after what I saw last week, we have a lot to address before we deserve to be a top four team.

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