Zach LaVine Will Be NBA’s MIP and it’s Not Close

Zach LaVine has been on a tear through the Bulls’ first 14 games. He’s emerging as an elite scorer in the league and he used to be considered some guy who can jump really high and dunk really well. I don’t think anyone saw him scoring 27 points per game at any point in his career, and in his fourth season he’s been going hard. The most intriguing aspect of LaVine’s game is he’s only 23 years old. This means he’s on the brink of breaking out into an exciting prime stage of his career and could really be a force to be reckoned with. The Bulls are skidding, however, and LaVine could be the perfect piece to build around. His gameplay is Most Improved Player worthy, and I don’t believe anyone will come close to matching it. Nikola Mirotic has improved greatly, but his improvement began last season when moving to New Orleans. Caris LeVert was a candidate but his season gruesomely ended last night. If LaVine continues to average 27-5-4, he won’t just be Most Improved Player, but at least a top 30 player in the NBA.


Caris LeVert’s injury upgraded to just a dislocated foot and he’ll play again this year

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