Dion Lewis Isn’t Good Enough To Talk Shit To The Patriots

Hell yeah, it’s personal. When you go cheap, you get your ass kicked”

Those are the words that come out of the mouth of this weeks stupid fucking moron of the week. First things first, remember who the fuck you’re talking too, were Mark Wahlberg you’re Donnie Wahlberg, were Eddie Murphy you’re Charlie Murphy, aka you’re shit in comparison, and you’re barely the best running back on your team so checkity check yourself before you wreckity wreck yourself. Okay, moving on, you dont get to call out the Patriots for being cheap. First off, you didn’t deserve 11.5 million guaranteed, you’re just not that good, you’re just lucky that the Titans wanted to spend a foolish amount of money on you. You have less than 400 yards rushing this season, and on top of that, You only have about 30 yards more than Derrick Henry. You guys got a good win, but it doesnt change the fact that you’re barely over .500 on the year. Yeah, I’m writing this article like Dion Lewis is reading it because I want him to know this: James White is far more talented than you, and you can suck my dick.

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