NFL Week 10 Just Makes No Sense

What the actual fuck. The Browns are smoking Atlanta, the Patriots are losing to Tennessee who I guess is good but thought they were a joke until today, the Saints are performing necrophilia on live TV by fucking the Bengals to death, Matt Barkley is humiliating the Jets which isn’t really an accomplishment but it when you throw a TD to your left tackle it kind of is, oh and kickers continue to prove why they should be paid an annual salary of 12 dollars because they have no idea how to do their job. First of all as a Patriots fan let me say this fuck the titans, now that that’s out of the way we can get to the real issue at hand which is the fact that our defense was easier to tear apart than wet dollar store paper towels. I love the Patriots and always will, but their performance today against the Titans was a joke and needs to be addressed if we hope at going for another Superbowl win this year. Can we talk about how terrifying the saints are? Jesus Christ, they’re unstoppable, granted their win today did come against the defense with the most yards allowed per game this season, but its their 4th time this season putting up over 40 points, and with the healthy trio of superstars in Kamara, Ingram, and Thomas they will be a force to be reckoned with and are definitely a safe bet for the Superbowl champions this year. The Browns played excellent football today, but in the grand scheme of things are ultimately irrelevant so I will move on. I guess the fourth time is the charm for the Bills? Not that Josh Allen is a failure in any means, but this is their fourth QB to start this year, and Matt Barkley looked like he never missed a game, he played excellent today and threw for 232 yards 2 touchdowns and no interceptions. The Bears continue to prove that they are a relevant team in the NFC, by playing awe inspiring offense, and having one of the toughest defenses in the league. The Jaguars are a fucking joke and Jalen Ramsay is and always will be overrated that is all I have to say about them. Last team i am going to talk about is the Chiefs, they’ve been a powerhouse this season, and did come out with the win today, however a 12 point win over Arizona isn’t that impressive to me, they have a pretty shaky defense so it seems to me like the Chiefs didn’t exactly kill it this week. I’m going to talk about the bet I made this week that I placed while drinking so you know its ballsy. I placed a 5 bet teaser (I know way too many bets on one slip) I had the Chiefs -10, the Lions +12.5, the Colts +3, the Saints +.5 (sounds good so far right I thought so too) and the Patriots at -.5. All the Patriots had to do today was fucking win, against the Titans, I wasn’t asking for much, love the Patriots but they cost your boy a couple grand today so I am not too pleased. Let me know what the worst bet you ever lost was, bonus points if it ended up with you kissing your uncle on the mouth.

4 thoughts on “NFL Week 10 Just Makes No Sense

  1. Do the cowboys make their push tonight against the defending champion, or does their lack of a wide receiver is taken advantage by the hungry eagles?


    • I love the Cowboys tonight, a lot of people hate on Amari Cooper but hes going to make an excellent addition to Beasely on the field, I expect it to be a close game, but I think the Cowboys will walk away with the upset. The Eagles havent been playing to their full abilities, however with the addition of Golden Tate, it may give them the spark they have been needing


      • Do you think the cowboys will focus more on the run game rather then allow Dak to beat teams in the air. Also did the Eagles focus on the passing game rather then a dynamic RB to have an effective R-P option offensive?


      • I think reliance on one thing is the Cowboys main issue, they love the Dak Zeke connection, however when you rely on something that heavily, other teams catch on and come up with ways to squash it defensively, that’s the biggest reason why they needed a deep threat like amari cooper to provide Dak with a target so the team can have a change of pace. The eagles on the other hand I think are limited without the talents of Jay Ajayi, they have guys that can get the job done, but not efficiently enough to be a threat to opposing defenses. The Eagles key to a victory over the Cowboys is to keep the ball spread out between guys like Sproles, Jeffery, Ertz, and now Golden Tate, if they manage to do that they will keep the opposing defense on their toes and can pull out a win


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