Jimmy Butler Is Back in the East


The 76ers just shocked the basketball world by acquiring the disgruntled Jimmy Butler from the T-Wolves. This trade intrigues me for a few reasons. First of all, and most importantly, the 6ers traded Dario Saric away, who has the most disturbing haircut-mustache combo I’ve ever seen. This is good because he’s out of the Atlantic division and I don’t have to look at his ugly mug every time the Celtics play Philly. Secondly, Jimmy Butler is basically an upgraded version of Robert Covington, who was also shipped to snowy ‘Sota. Butler is a better defender and can score much better, so that’s a great exchange. Lastly, the East gets a star back and it seems like the two conferences are becoming closer to being equal. I like this trade a lot and Butler should thrive. Philly fans also just got more fuel to be the most annoying and shittiest fan base in all of sports besides the Yankees. Gonna be a ride the rest of the season.

3 thoughts on “Jimmy Butler Is Back in the East

  1. Does Jimmy being back in the East give the conference hope that they can beat the west, and allow other players to follow suit in the near future. How does the 76ers look with Jimmy of the team then the bench pieces they had for years developing?


    • The East has far more intriguing young stars than the West (Trae Young, Mo Bamba, Kevin Knox, etc.) who will eventually grow into the caliber type players who will allow the East to flourish again. Adding Butler to a team that is already on the track to be a force is a step in the right direction. The Sixers lack bench depth, however, and that’s a flaw they need to address come the trade deadline/next year’s free agency


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