The Panthers Are A Joke

WOW. So just to be clear I bet the over here, and the steelers on the spread, and the steelers covered the over by themselves, so I made out like a bandit. So in truth I have honestly never seen a team take a shit on another teams face, but I finally did last night. Roethlisberger was a MONSTER last night, 22-25 for 328 yards, and FIVE touchdowns, and he had a PERFECT passer rating. Not to mention his touchdown passes went to five different receivers. The Steelers looked unstoppable last night, and on the other side of the ball…. not so much. The only stable feature of a very rickety Panthers team was McCaffrey, who scored all the of the teams 3 touchdowns. The Panthers going into this game seemed to be a superbowl contending team, but now I have a very different opinion. As a Patriots fan, Im scared of the Steelers if they managae to replicate this performance in the playoffs.

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