Hot Take: Le’Veon Bell Wont Report By His Deadline On November 13th

I mean, when you think about it, this isn’t even a hot take. It’s common sense, Bell wouldn’t play for 14.5 million, what makes you think he will play for 5? The fact of the matter is, hes better off waiting out the rest of the season, and getting a huge contract with another team in the offseason, and at this point the Steelers probably dont want him to show up. James Conner has been a blessing to the Steelers who needed a replacement to Bell at the beginning of the season, and what’s crazy is that hes been just as efficient as Bell on a statistical basis. Conner is making in a season, less than what Bell would make per game, from a coaching standpoint, why would you want Bell to show up if they’re not hurting at the position? It works best for both parties, the Steelers get to keep the money they would’ve spent on Bell, use it to reinvest with Conner, because he deserves a decent contract with how well hes been playing this season, and use the rest of the money to help rebuild the team and bolster the defense. If Bell was going to report to the team, he would’ve done it by now. Bell will become inelligbe as of 4PM next Tuesday, so we will have to wait and see what happens.

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