Pelicans Are Actually a Top Team

The Pelicans have started the season 4-4, but they could easily be 7-1. They’ve lost to the Trailblazers, the Nuggets, and the Jazz all without their best player in Anthony Davis. The Brow played 41 minutes in the loss to Golden State, but he didn’t play in their other 3 losses. Their front court is absolutely stacked. Ever since Nikola Mirotic shaved his face bush he’s been incredible, and Julius Randle looks like a much better fit in NoLa than La La Land. Not to mention their back court is studded with Elfrid Payton and Jrue Holiday with Tim Frazier coming off the bench. Everyone has been producing without Davis, but when he’s in the starting five they are damn near unstoppable. If you think the Pelicans suck, then watch a fuckin game and stop depending on going on the ESPN app once in a while to get your facts. They looked stellar last night against Portland despite a double digit loss. Count them in to a top playoff seed in the West and expect them to be favored in almost every matchup they play when they’re fully loaded and ready to grind.

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