Tampa Bays Quarterback Situation Has Been Hilarious This Year

I mean c’mon I’ve just loved watching this. There’s no way Winston likes Fitzpatrick. This dudes taken his job not once, but twice. And it’s great every time he does it. Like Fitzy straight up at the start of the season gave all the Tampa fans such a high level of hope…. then he showed what we thought was his true nature. Then Winston stepped in and everyone thought he was the guy. Next thing you know in a game VS the Bengals, Winston decided to say “fuck your couch” and throw 4 picks. Next we see Fitz come back in. What could he possibly do down by 18 against a stout Bengals D? Well I’ll tell you what he can do, he can stick his metaphorical dick into their very real mouths. He made the comeback happen but they ended up losing by a fieldgoal to the Bengals. To top it all off The Buccaneers announced today that Fitzmagic is the started next week. Wow. What a joy ride of emotions for Tampa fans. I mean shit’s irrelevant as fuck since y’all aren’t even going to make the playoffs but still cool to see.

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