Every Time You Think The Dolpins Are Relevant You Prove Yourself Wrong

God. The Dolpins are TERRIBLE. I mean the got stomped on like a bug. I mean the Texans have been far from efficent, but they just took the Dolphins defense and bent them over like a 2 dollar whore with a 50% off coupon. I mean do I like the dolphins? No of course not. Miami barely likes the dolphins. But every year at some point I’m like “okay wow dolphins aren’t looking so bad this ye……” and before I can even finish my sentence they show why they’re one of the teams that belongs at the bottom of th league. Houston however, suffered some major losses on the injury front, with the realization the Fuller probably tore his ACL. Which effectively means coutee is going to have to step his game up to cover the hole that’s left in the Houston offense. Also I played Fuller in the flex last night PPR 24 points no bug deal.

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