The Le’Veon Bell situation

So Bell still hasn’t reported to the Steelers facility. Hes still effectively on the trading block, and the Steelers seem like they’re okay without him. James Conner has been one of the most effective backs in the league this year. The main issue with Bell is that the Steelers want “too much for him” and that’s something I disagree with. There is only 2 arguments for the best back in the league, those 2 players being Bell and Gurley. So what exactly is considered too much when you’re getting quite possibly one of the best running backs of all time? Well the Steelers are asking for a good player, and on top of that a first round pick. That is a lot, depending on who you’re talking about, but were not talking about some run of the mill back, were talking about Bell. There is a few teams that I think could make a trade happen. One of them is Oakland, do I think they have the player aspect of the trade? No. But I do believe that they’re going to have some serious first round picks in 2019 and Bell is worth 2 of them. The other team as much as I hate to say it, is the Eagles, they still have their first round pick, and could potentially trade the injured Jay Ajayi to the Steelers, who could add some serious depth and talent to Conner next year. I’m not saying that the Steelers should move on from Bell, he adds an explosive aspect to their offense that James Conner brings but not to the same extent. But it wouldn’t hurt them to move on, build up James Conner who has serious talent, and will be able to rebuild in the 2019 draft the aspects that their team is lacking.

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