Titans Need A Entire New Coaching Staff Get Rid Of Everyone

What in the name Dwayne The Rock Johnson Is going on here? The Titans just embarrassed all of America in England. The Titans straight up dominated the second half of this game, but Mike Vrabel decided he would like to show his astounding 36 IQ and go for 2 points instead of the tie. I mean I love the theory of having the balls for going for it, when and if your defense is playing horrible, but the Titans defense in the second half played really well, its a no-brainer that you kick the extra point and go for the win in OT. But no, instead Mike Vrabel said “Fuck every single person in Tennessee I HATE winning, go for 2” after this high level of idiocy and poor coaching was just displayed, Mike Vrabel should be punched in the face by Mike Tyson in front of everyone in downtown Nashville as recompense for what he just did. I didn’t even bet this game and it made me furious, get your shit together Titans, because that’s 3 losses in a row. Also unrelated, Keenan Allen needs to get the ball more for me to have a successful fantasy season, that is all.

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