Solid Dub for the Nugs

I’ve been a big fan of the Nuggets since Nikola Jokic came into the league. I still have love for Colorado sports since I was born there, besides the Peyton-Era Broncos. The Joker had a near perfect game last night, recording 35 points, 12 boards, 11 dimes, and a perfect 11-11 from the field and 3-3 from deep. It was against the bumfuck Suns, so haters will say it was a fluke. But the next night, they defeat the Warriors to start 3-0 and atop the stacked West. Gary Harris scored 28 to lead his team and Juancho Hernangomez swatted the shit out of some Warriors bum I’ve never heard of to seal the deal. The Joker played well again and has been a top 3 center so far. If he keeps this up, it’s safe to say he’s the best center in the game. Steph Curry poured in 30 points but Golden State could not have beat Stevie Wonder in a 3 point shooting contest. They shot 7-29 from deep, and the recurring theme that they can’t win without the 3 ball continues to be accurate. The Nuggets shot 6-32, which is worse, but their incredible offense can get the job done in other ways. If the Nugs keep it up, lock them in as a top 3 seed in the West. Well done Denver.

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