Red Sox Advance to the World Series

The Price is Right!!

These stats will blow you away. David Price was 0-9 with a 6.00+ ERA in the playoffs before this start. Tonight he goes 6 scoreless innings with 9 strikeouts to help the Red Sox advance to the World Series. Rafael Devers is a postseason MONSTER. He had a 3 run bomb that made the score 4-0 Sox and it was the difference in a 4-1 final. Mookie Betts made a spectacular catch, showing the Astros that he can rob any fucking thing he wants. J.D. Martinez hit a solo shot that literally hit my grandmother in the jaw. Fuck the Astros, their fans, and any fucker who doubted the Red Sox. This league is their oyster and away with ANYONE who stands in their way. BY THE WAY, no road losses for the Sox in this postseason. 5-0 on the road, watch out National League. Goodnight Sox Nation. See you in the playoffs, babe.

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