Its Official: Eli Manning Is The Reason The Giants Are Doomed

It’s done, the man needs to be fired. Last night proved what we essentially already knew, Eli is hot garbage. I bet you cant name the last time a RB had 230 yards from scrimmage, and their team lost by THREE TOUCHDOWNS. That’s insane, for Barkley to go out and perform like he did, and his team was able to score one touchdown? That’s pathetic. Listen manning’s stats on paper aren’t that bad, 281 passing yards and only one interception, but he had an abysmal 66.1 passer rating, and was 24/43 on completions. You don’t have an excuse to have those stats, when you have one of the most talented wideouts in the league coupled with quite possibly a top 3 Running back, you should be able to make plays. Yes, the giants offensive line is bad, but it cant be that bad seeing as they created opportunities for Barkey to run for 130 yards. I have heard all the excuses a giants fan can make for Eli, but you cant defend him anymore. The Giants need to throw in the towel for this year, go to rebuild, and draft a QB early in the first round next year, and just give up on Eli. If the Giants don’t look towards the future, they’re on pace to be the next Cleveland Browns.

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