Red Sox Move On To ALCS

I think I can speak for all Boston fans when I say this, beating the Yankees in the playoffs is almost as satisfying as winning the World Series (key word almost). Game 4 was more exciting to me than any other game this series, it was even better than our 16-1 victory Monday night. The bottom of the 9th was a drama riddled inning, Craig Kimbrel had his work cut out for him as the Yankees poised themselves for a come back in the bottom of the 9th, Sanchez almost put it over the wall while the bases were loaded and the Yankees were down 2 -4 which would have ended the game right then and there. Kimbrel kept his composure through the inning, but the real hero last night was Steve Pearce. Pearce stretched out to catch the ball thrown from Nunez like a trailer trash girl named Bethany does in her mid 30s. It was such an enticing game to watch, had me at the edge of my seat, screaming at the top of my lungs which hopefully didn’t wake up my neighbors, however if they weren’t watching the game themselves, they’re total nerds. And of course it wouldn’t be a Yankees game without one of their fans acting like a total and complete tool. One of the fans threw a full beer at Kimbrel as he came out of the bullpen, which missed him by just a few feet and could’ve seriously injured him, and I demand that this fan be brought forward and sacrificed to New England’s patron saint of sports Tom Brady. We are ready to destroy the Astros next, and move on the World Series after we tech them who the best team in Baseball is.

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