Jason Garrett Is A Dumb Idiot Person

Okay, I know this one is late but I just wanted to express my hatred for Jason Garrett. I didn’t even have money on the Cowboys (primarily because I’m not an idiot) but this decision still pissed me off. How in the world do you punt on 4th and 1 on the Houston 42 yard line? You have a fucking beast of a running back in Ezekiel Elliot, you give him the ball, and THEN if worse comes to worse, you give your defense a chance to stop them. What a wildly idiotic decision to make, the Cowboys are just going to keep doing stupid Cowboy things I guess. But whatever, I covered on the game because I bought to 2.5 for the Houston spread, and I am going to win again in 2 hours when the Saints finish embarrassing the Redskins just like a Jewish mother does at her son’s Bah Mitzvah (for those of you pieces of shit out there that don’t know Jewish culture and traditions it’s a coming of age ceremony for 13 year old boys, read a book).

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