The NFL Is Currently In Bizzaro Land

What is going on right now, can anyone tell me? I mean I have already seen two botched punt returns and its only an hour into the games, kicks are missing like crazy not only this week, but the entire season so far. Also, are we allowed to say Green Bay sucks yet, because they look like they suck. On top of all that, I am pretty sure I just saw the most egregious missed pass interference call in the Bills game. And as I am writing this, Odell Beckham just showed he’s better at throwing touchdowns than he is at catching them this year. The NFL just feels like its turned upside down right now, and I don’t hate it either, its making for an exciting season. There is two more things I want to talk about, first thing is that even though Game Of Mahomes just threw his first pick, hes showing right now against the leagues best defense that hes the real deal. This kid is the ideal QB, when you combine his athletic talents with his photographic memory you create a player that’s so unique in the NFL. The Chiefs defense also can apparently only show up when they’re playing against the leagues best defense, if they are able to somehow replicate this defensive performance in future games they are a lock for winning the Superbowl. The second thing I want to talk about is how in the hell has Mason Crosby missed 3 kicks today??? There’s something crazy going on in the NFL right now and I fucking love it.

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