Khabib Should Have Been Stripped Of His Title On The Spot UFC 229

Okay, before you start thinking “He’s only saying that because he lost his bet on McGregor” well that’s partially true, however its mainly because Khabib is a trash person. I understand that this is the UFC were talking about, and when it comes to combat sports people’s temperaments tend to be on the aggressive side, however that doesnt give you the right to jump the fence and start a brawl with someone because of it. Khabib honestly made the UFC look bad last night, how he behaved is unbecoming, and it’s certainly not how a champion acts. No one knows what’s going to happen because this is unprecedented in the UFC, Khabib hasn’t even been paid yet because hes under investigation from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and there’s argument that the check should go to me since I lost 200 bucks. So in summary, Khabib is a garbage human being, from a Garbage country, yeah that’s right I said it, Dagestan is a joke of a fucking country, and this fight should be called a no decision (so I get my money back) and his title should be stripped. Fuck Khabib and the other 12 citizens of Dagestan.

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