@Degeneratefaded Is A Legend

Alright I know you guys don’t know who degeneratefaded is, but he’s my soccer blogger I’ve been keeping in the roster but he’s making his debut tofuckingday. I’m going to tell you what this degenerate has done to deserve a blog post, he put 100 dollars on every single fight tonight including prelims, on the underdogs only. Yeah, you read that right, this maniac put 100 on every underdog and is up 140 going into the McGregor VS Nurmagomedov fight, we haven’t even hit the main card and this lunatic already covered. Wow, I mean essentially he’s up like 280 since McGregor already won, but he’s a maniac so he deserves a blog post. This man deserves a blog post, and if the McGregor fights covers, degeneratefaded gets a weekly post for being a savage. Look out for his Soccer posts because this dudes a fucking legend.

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