Conor McGregor VS Khabib Nurmagomedov McGregor Wins In 3

Okay, so clearly McGregor isn’t the favorite, and that’s exactly why I have 250 on him. I have never heard of anyone outside of the McGregor VS Mayweather fight making money betting against McGregor, that’s not how you get rich. Yes, Khabib is undefeated, but that’s strictly because he hasn’t fought McGregor yet. McGregor is the most awe inspiring fighter we have seen in our generation, he’s a guy that fights so well that he can act like a total dick bag outside the ring and it’s totally irrelevant. McGregor is the kind of dude where if a 12 year old fan approaches him on the street for an autograph, you expect him to challenge the kid to a fight, and I love that about him. McGregor’s attitude alone has already beat Khabib, expect him to take a win tonight, just like taco bell does against my asshole on heavy drinking nights.

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