Red Sox VS Yankees Is The Best Rivalry In Sports

I really want to start out this post with what’s on everyone’s minds, FUCK the Yankees, and FUCK their fans, they’re garbage people. Okay, now that I have properly vented my feelings, as necessary per having Massachusetts blood in me, we can move on. The Red Sox VS. the Yankees is undoubtedly the best rivalry in sports. I mean, try to prove me wrong. You wont be able to, during the normal season there’s nothing like it. However, when you have Red Sox Yankees in the playoffs it’s electric. It’s something so real, but at the same time it’s intangible. It’s a beautiful time of year where southie dudes are likely to just beat the shit out of anyone wearing Yankees gear. But, on the other side, Yankees fans will do the exact same shit when the games move over to the Bronx. The Red Sox are going to crush the Yankees in this series, and they’re also going to win all the fights in the stands. So in my unbiased expert opinion, go Red Sox, fuck the Yankees.

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