Chad Johnson Is A Savage

Okay Ochocinco, I see you. Chad Johnson just lurking on Twitter, waiting for tweets from randoms like this so he can let everyone know how dominant his sperm is. I mean Johnson is a legend, and clearly his sense of humor and genetics are as well. The former pro wide reciever as of January is confirmed to have 7 kids, all with different moms, I mean this is kind of what pros do, they bounce from city to city and just drop loads because there isn’t a condom strong enough to stop their top tier sperm. It is really good to see him have a killer sense of humor and not killer actions (see OJ Simpson). It would he cool for him to have like 15 more kids, and bring a new team to the league called the Newark Johnsons (because they would obviously be a New Jersey team) which would make Football 500% more interesting than it already is.

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